What is a Light Circle?

A Light Circle can mean many things: a reflector, a halo, an eclipse, a ring, a locket, a ring of fire, the lens of a camera, a thin sketch of a sphere, an orbit and so much more.

I consider it a good starting point to explore contemporary life and identity through creative writing and art. Light and circles are predominant in my work, literally and figuratively.

I strive to create “a round view in a rectangle”: I try capture something as fully as possible, yet I also want to convey it is not completely containable and my perspective is not the only valid one. I focus on personal experiences and raw emotions, things unspoken, the ephemeral and the fleeting. I try to capture a feeling without reducing it, as the popular expression goes, “Say it simply without simplifying it.”

My experiences, in turn, have shaped me and continue to shape me. I am a two-time immigrant, a world traveler, a visual artist, a wife and mother of two. I am not only an observer, I am also defined by the people around me. You could say, I am a circle myself, trying to define my shaky borders, trying to find meaning in the chaotic interaction between my aspirations and my limitations. In other words, not so different from anybody else :-).

I wish for my work to be a portal to the infinitely wondrous world that inspires it. Come and see for yourself!  Enter A Light Circle blog and sign up for email updates on my newest work! (On the scroll down menu below.) Thanks for visiting!