Featured Art 2018

Here are a few of my picks from 2018:


This is one of the digital images I made for Among Strangers. In the post I talk about the benefits and problems of technology in our lives and the possible (side)effects of its speedy advancement. The artwork I created for it launched an exciting new phase for me, I started digitally altering my photographs more boldly. Here I have played with several color filters in this landscape shot of Chicago (where I grew up) taken on the top of the John Hancock Building. I love creating a sense of movement using color in an otherwise plain or static image. The base was a basic black and white photograph of the city.



I really love pendulums! Here I created images that were inspired by the motion of a pendulum for my post The Pendulum of Empathy. It’s very satisfying to watch a pendulum, I find the movement is echoed in so many aspects of our lives figuratively. Every action inspires an opposite reaction, it’s never greater than the initial force that initiated it, but it’s never exactly equal either, it keeps swinging until it reaches absolute balance. I created these on Photoshop without using photographs or a stylus.



I always wanted to elaborate more on this image from The Face of the Future. The first thing I want to say is this is NOT a portrait of me, the lady with the fancy hairdo is a sketch I did in pencil after someone called me, “the face of the future” many years ago. I was thinking of possible futuristic hairstyles 🙂 and this came to mind, I also liked that half of her face is hidden, as in the future is always hidden, an unknown that is both exciting and scary. I altered the color of the cityview using several photo filters. I like to use a color that is not normally associated with the subject, in this case, a warm sepia on an otherwise very blue-gray, steel and glass picture.


However, this picture (also from the same post above) is indeed a picture of me superimposed on an ink drawing (I made with sumi ink and a bamboo stylus) and a cityscape photo. Again, I love hiding parts of the face, keeping that mystery and layering some more to add interesting dimensions to the image that would otherwise be flat or straightforward. The same goes for storytelling, which I am trying to master, many (otherwise) simple stories benefit from reshuffling their normally linear narratives and timeframes.


Text and images by MP Baecker ©2020

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