Links & Friends

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the blogging community by sharing links to my blogging friends. To the bloggers who have helped me, inspired me and supported me through this endeavor, THANK YOU to all!

These blogs are as diverse and undefinable as the bloggers themselves. I have written my impressions of these blogs in as few words as possible. This is the wine-tasting of blog lists! In random order:

  • Tom Being Tom: Tom quips he’s going to “save the world next Thursday”. After reading his witty and wise insights on a wide array of topics from politics to love to football, I really believe he will do just that!
  • Stories from the Edge of Blindness: Susan is a brilliant writer, who captures beauty and pain—all the fine, vivid and shattering impressions of the world as she loses her eyesight to RP.
  • Brandewijn: Resonant poetry as liquid and poignant as a well-aged cask of that delicious namesake wine. Precious golden drops!
  • Sketches from Berlin: M.P. Powers (yes, it is a wonderful coincidence that we share the same initials and are both Americans living in Berlin!) is a talented writer and artist. His poems and prose are of a vivid ferocity, bravery and wit, set in a landscape of remnants and renaissances.
  • Kijo Poem: Elegant, emotionally precise modern poetry. “Making meaning” of a beautifully complex life.
  • This Door is Alarmed: In her own sensitive and insightful words “I do not pretend to be interesting. I can assure you, is that I have found out a secret, and this secret has to be told.”
  • U.S. Pandey: A wordsmith of meditative stories and poetry. Intelligent, erudite, passionate are just some of the words that come to mind.
  • The Incurable Dreamer: Tanya will have you laughing and crying with her hilarious observations, effervescence and emotional depth.
  • Wood for the Trees:  Colorful personal stories of motherhood, memories, dreams, changes, and much more, written with beautiful precision and emotional intensity. Each story shines with mastery and charm.
  • Wander Haiku: I’ve never mastered the art of the Haiku, but Lize Bard has. Her Haikus are amazing, tender, precise, bright and always precious.
  • Broken Strings and Other Things: Clever, witty, elegant, lyrical. A voice that sings of the beauty of “broken strings and other things”, things great and small, lost and found, and made whole again.
  • Silent Hour: Poetry of rare beauty, creativity and sophistication. Style and coolness embodied in language.
  • Bojana’s Coffee & Confessions to Go: A journal of an enigmatic “chatty introvert”: smart observations, lively  stream of consciousness, and recollections.
  • WTFAI Blog: Deep thoughts that bring you to clarity. Sage wisdom, meditations on nature from the “Vapor Sage” himself, complete with music too.
  • Francesco Marchetti: A photographic celebration of life, gorgeous natural beauty complete with beautiful quotes in Italian and English.

Please click on the links to discover the work of these amazing people!