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I would like to take this opportunity to show my love for the blogging community by sharing some links to the blogs I love. To the bloggers who have helped me, inspired me and supported me throughout this year of great risk, THANK YOU to all!

These blogs are as diverse and undefinable as the bloggers themselves. Realizing that just a plain list seems impersonal, I have written my impressions of these blogs in as few words as possible. This is the wine-tasting of blog lists!

In random order:

  • E. Denise Billups: A passionate writer of magical, supernatural suspense and heartfelt poetry. Moving and thrilling.
  • WTFAI Blog: Deep thoughts that bring you to clarity. Sage wisdom, meditations on nature from the “Vapor Sage” himself, complete with music too.
  • Tom Being Tom: Tom quips he’s going to “save the world next Thursday”. After reading his witty insights on topics from politics to love to football, I really believe he will do just that!
  • Beautiful Diaspora: This is the traveler’s blog for those who don’t just tour but explore their inner worlds and meanings. Abraham’s creative writing and artistic reflections are beautiful.
  • U.S. Pandey: A wordsmith of meditative stories and poetry.  Intelligent, erudite, passionate are just some of the words that come to mind.
  • Edge of Humanity Magazine: Provocative. Fearless. Bold. Photography and articles that don’t shy away from the contemporary world, inside and out, as it is.
  • Francesco Marchetti: A photographic celebration of life, gorgeous natural beauty complete with beautiful quotes in Italian and English.
  • Sameer Nayan: I’ve never been to Bangladesh but his work makes me feel like I have. Artistic pictures showing the beauty of Bangladesh.
  • Wander Haiku: I’ve never mastered the art of the Haiku but Lize Bard has. Her Haikus are amazing, tender, precise, bright and always precious.
  • Bipolar Brat: Fearless and thoughtful reflections on what it’s like to live with mental illness. Casey Elizabeth tackles complex emotions with great sensitivity.
  • Ben Aquiba: One word: POSITIVE! A great blog to read when you’re feeling low on motivation.
  • Horse Addict: I think there’s an inner horse addict in all of us! Grace, beauty, unbelievable strength all in one package. What’s not to love?
  • Arty Plantsman: An intriguing, quirky plantsman. A fellow plant lover like myself. It is impossible to resist his charming personality and plant photography.
  • As I See It: Truly an artist of the Information Age with an open mind and a passion for assembling information, art and synthesizing it into relevant articles on modern topics, especially on LGBT rights and inequality.
  • Holistic Wayfarer: A master blogger that I look up to. Stories and poems that are incisive, daring and worth savoring!
  • Dalo Collis: Creative writing and photography that pulls itself out of the frame and tugs you into a world of sensation.
  • Kijo Poem: Awe-inspiring, tender, visceral, alive, pulsating beautiful modern poetry that is at once elegant, subtle and refined.
  • Open Thought Vortex: A Literary Magazine reflecting the many stunning facets of an open heart, an open mind, a deep and witty soul.
  • Blog de Companie: Poetry that will transport you to the light of a full moon, to a warm childhood beach, to the heart of a deep forest. As well as allegorical stories about business adventures.
  • Tanya Simone Simpson: She describes herself as a “head full of storms”. Equal parts fierce, strong, witty, cuddly and sweet.
  • Writings from the Cave: In Márcia’s own words, “My blog is mostly about life, pain and happiness. I write poetry about what I’ve seen and different trials I’ve gone through and about nature. I also write thoughts about Christianity and what it was like growing up as a third culture missionary kid.”
  • Yeah, Another Blogger: Quite possibly the best blog name. Ever. In Neil’s own words: “I write about my mini-adventures in life, often with a lopsided view of things.”
  • The Human Condition: Heartfelt prose that spans politics, Black history, inequality, racism and identity. With beautiful woodwork and leatherwork by the author.
  • One Blue Sky: A fun blog of quirky videos, reviews and the newest tech gadgets. Chewing gum for your brain.
  • Beautiful Life, by Goose: Transcendent writings on life experiences, loss, and finding hope.
  • Janet Weight Reed: An extremely talented fine artist of gorgeous watercolors. Breathtaking!
  • Mohamad Al Karbi: Lovely travel stories, photos from around the world, technical advice for WordPress users. These are just some of the things you will enjoy from this master blogger.
  • Kalifornicationx: Sensual, hip, funny, wry. A romantic for the Tinder age.
  • Cristian Mihai: A veteran and master blogger I admire who has plenty of followers and doesn’t need any promotion from me. His sharp observations will stay with you long after reading. Great advice and motivation for writing and blogging.

This list will keep growing over time! I would also like to invite other bloggers to advertise their blogs here for free on the comments section. Please write a few sentences about your blog and share a link to it!




21 thoughts on “Links & Friends

  1. Thank you for listing my blog.

    I saw the original blog list, before you added your impressions of each blog, and I was thinking of how to describe my blog in the comments, as you had invited each of us to do, but nothing, nothing, nothing I could have written would have been better than what you wrote. 🙂

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  2. Thank you very much for including me. I am honored and humbled. As you beautifully put it I write about full moons and childhood dreams in the heart of the deep forest of life…And allegorical stories about my business ad-ventures 🙂
    Thank you for your blog! I look forward to reading more of your work.
    Iulia (Blog de Companie)

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  3. Thank you for this opportunity to share! I’m new to blogging so I appreciate any advice and thoughts. My blog is mostly about life and pain and happiness. I write poetry about what I’ve seen and different trials I’ve gone through and about nature. I also write thoughts about Christianity and what it was like growing up as a third culture missionary kid. So there’s a lot mixed in.
    Here is the link to my blog:
    Thank you again!

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  4. Ooh – thank you for the listing 🙂
    I started writing about plants and my own botanical art but now I have diversified somewhat into mental health, humour and whatever warped things come into my mind on the day. Typical of me to want to do EVERYTHING 🙂

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