About me



A stark contrast! The picture on the left is a portrait of me drawn by my daughter (then four years old) and the picture on the right is a self-portrait from my sulky college days. There you have it, my yin and yang!

This is, by far, the most challenging part of the website to write! The more I define myself, the more I feel boxed-in. The artistic part of me wants to leave all of this blank, but the practical side thinks I should share a few concrete facts. What might already be apparent to you is that I am conflicted. That is actually the best word to describe me: conflicted. It’s not that I’m so special that I resist definition, it’s just that I have many contradictions, I might as well list them:

  • My birth sign is a Gemini, symbolized by twins and characterized as having a duplicitous nature, so it’s perfectly fitting to describe myself with contradictory facts. By the way, astrology is complete BS, I don’t believe in that stuff at all :-).
  • I was born in 1980 on a tiny tropical island (part of the Philippines). I come from a family of established landowners who lived on their land for generations. However, most of my life has been spent in a near constant state of rootlessness and movement, living in places all over the world and immigrating to two countries (USA and Germany).
  • I graduated college with honors and degrees in English Literature, Visual Arts and a minor in Art History. But I’ve also been educated in the school of “hard knocks”. After graduating, I spent most of my time working in offices, some of my jobs were very boring and unglamorous. I was often told by employers and colleagues that my college education “didn’t count at all, because the Arts are not real degrees”.
  • My parents adamantly believed the best virtues were humility and silence, they strove to instill me with those values every day. “Still waters run deep,” my mother liked to say. Absolutely the best preparation for someone who has their own blog, shows their artwork and plans to publish several books!

There you have it! But before you send me the number of a good therapist, there are indeed a few very important things that I am sure about: I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful children, it is my dream to be a visual artist and writer, and last but not least, I am totally okay with my contradictions! I no longer force myself to pick a side. I exist in the surprisingly airy, exciting space in-between and I know I am not alone there. Let’s explore that space together here!