Summer is moving steadily and surely towards autumn. We are right on the edge of it. The deep lush green of an unusually long, hot growing season is giving way to the blazing colors of countless sunsets.


First it comes in fitful bursts: swathes of yellow, lashings of red, streaks of pink. Growing bolder and bolder. Then a deluge of orange, rust and sepia.

We are poised right before that deluge. A short second before the tipping point.

The edge of summer.

The quiet moment before irreversible change.



Text and pictures by M.P. Baecker

21 thoughts on “The Edge of Summer

    • Thank you! I’m so glad I could share my love of the season with you! All these photos except for the last two are actually 2 photos placed next to each other: a fall photo (on the right) and a summer photo (on the left), I blended them to show the transition! I really wanted to communicate that feeling of being in-between.

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    • Thank you! As you know, this is my favorite season! I can’ t resist trying to capture it! I will be going on more hikes! There is something deeply symbolic about the change, every year seems unique, yet it also part of a greater cycle.

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