What are you afraid of?

That they’ll see right through you? See through your farce? Your vain bid for importance?

That no amount of effort will surmount the appraisal of your surface? Or insubstantialize your many failures and shortcomings? (In fact, make them all the more obvious.) That you will be deserving of neither attention nor respect, but ridicule and rejection instead.

What if that which you fear most is already here? Consistently here.

Would you simply accept it? Would you stop fighting?

At what point does falling unseen become ceasing to exist?

Or would you rise up taller, stronger, bolder than ever? 

After all, there must be ashes.


Text and images by M.P. Baecker © 2018.

22 thoughts on “Portrait of the Artist

  1. There is far less bravery than bloggery. I think the greatest trait the tribe portrays is personal honesty… We can write, sure, but we aren’t afraid to write what’s real.

    Let the fire come, if I may use that metaphor considering my current predicament, we will rise from the ashes.

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    • Tom, I considered rewriting that last line when I read about the Carr fire after publishing this post. It seems in poor taste considering you and many others’ current situation. Honestly, I appreciate you reading this relatively meaningless fluff in a time like this!

      I decided to keep the last line because of its ambiguity concerning whose ashes, which I consider to be both the artist’s (the delusions of the artist) and unfair critics, which are both necessary to let go of in order to rise.

      I am under no delusion that my art will be valuable for every circumstance or perspective. I’m so glad you are all okay and i hope the devastation stops. 🙏

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    • 👍😂 If I had a coin every time I’ve heard bloggers (or emerging artists for that matter) being accused of vanity and egoism!!! No wonder there’s so much repetitive, recycled fluff out there, it’s almost as if putting your most earnest thoughts and aesthetics out to be examined and criticized in public is actually the most humbling, delusion-destroying thing you could do!😉

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