Some thoughts on the loose ends of winter:

Remnants that scatter.

Swept out.

Soon to be forgotten.

Bared by the persistent cold

prove too fragile to stand,

neither whole, nor in any semblance of form.

alightcirclemarchwinter6mpbaeckerA relentless wind, whipping panic,

freezing each and every protuberance.

Removing the timid,

Exposing all that is meager.

There is hardly anything left.

The children asked for the beach,

so I took them to the Baltic Sea

half frozen in March.

We had hoped for warmth,

the full sun seemed to promise it,

but winter wasn’t over.

My face tingled to a blazing red,

Glowing in the glut of a furnace—crucially missed,

ears numbed by bitter slaps

as I sought the fond memory of a tranquil shore.


Text and images by M.P. Baecker © 2018.

19 thoughts on “March, the Death of Winter

    • I may have spoke too soon! The temperatures took another dip and we had a couple of snowstorms in past few days! Perhaps April will be the death of winter…🙏


    • Thanks so much Tom! I’m actually composing my reply to your last post now! This winter has been especially tough on my writing time with all the colds going around! The scary thing is the longer the ideas sit around in my head, the more likely they’ll get eliminated, my state of mind is a never-ending blizzard! 😄

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      • My last post was a freaking avalanche! I’m certain many opened it, said “nope, too long” and placed it in the “later, maybe” box. 🤣

        I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with all those ailments this winter! We know so many, in our circle, that deal with chronic illness and I wonder “how”?! How do they write and get things done, every day? I suppose it speaks to the power of the human spirit and their own inner strength. But … wow.

        And, once again, we relate. I constantly tell myself I need to write ideas and short synopses in my Evernotes to keep track, because more gets lost than ever gets kept. I needed to avalanche those Liebsters before they were gone! 😂😂😂

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        • I love your “avalanche” analogy!! I’m a blizzard and you’re an avalanche, I’m absolutely sure we are related!😂👍

          I was just commenting with Bojana about this, but I actually don’t pay attention to any blogging “rules” as I probably should, I am a fast and voracious reader, so length has never bothered me as long as it conveys and the message is worthwhile! I’m all about quality over quantity, but if it’s quality work, the quantity wouldn’t matter, in fact, you would want more of it!

          About time and illness, you actually reminded me of it with one of your answers in your post: If you don’t take care of yourself well, you can’t take care of others well. Someone gave me that advice a few years ago and I see the wisdom in it everyday!

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        • I’m totally in line with that! In fact, my answer was almost “me” to that question. I truly believe we must think of ourselves first, as selfish as that might sound, because if we are not where we need to be how can we help others be where they must?

          I do try to keep my posts in the 600-800 word range, but I’m not afraid to break that rule, should the moment call for it. I am, unfortunately, not a fast reader (as the mind wanders), so I keep that in mind. Again, it’s just a guideline and one I want no one else to follow! ☺️

          So, carry on, my wintry sister … and always write what you feel!

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    • Thank you so much! I couldn’t resist sharing my experience of the sea at this moment in time! The persistent lingering cold reflects my state of mind now, hard to tell which one created the other!

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    • Thank you! It’s another way to define spring: the death of winter! I couldn’t resist sharing the pictures, it was not a pleasant, sunny beach that my kids were hoping for, but it was still very beautiful, a harsh beauty!

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    • Yes, it is a lingering, hard to shake-off winter indeed! As I’m writing this now, the snow is falling and has been for the past 3 days and most of last week! It hasn’t been a great winter in terms of sickness either, nearly the whole family had fevers, coughs and colds, no time for mom to write! That’s why I’m not so active as I’d like to be, especially lately. I didn’t know you live in Munich! I thought you were a fellow Berliner! Egal! Wir leben in Deutschland!😄
      I love poetry, I have a whole category devoted to it “Pictorials & Poetry”.

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