I started sharing my work publicly earlier this year, in February of 2017. Anyone who knows me personally can tell you that my bearing is not one of self-importance or confidence. I am very self-critical and have enough self-doubt to keep me…well, to keep me to myself forever! Much to my own surprise and trepidation, the thoughts and emotions swirling around in my head have decided to take on a life of their own and continuously compel me to bring them out into the world!

To my delight, this dubious jump into the unknown has proven to be extremely rewarding! This is the first time in my adult life that I have stopped working a “normal job”! I have had the pleasure of being featured by the Scene and Heard Journal and Discover on WordPress, as well as being reblogged by several great bloggers, all within the span of a year! This blog has received thousands of views, hundreds of followers and continues to grow. I have now begun to devote myself full-time to writing, blogging and producing art. It is truly a dream come true! I plan to publish a book and a new digital art project in the coming year(s)! What is yet to come? I’m so excited to find out myself!

However, NONE of this would be possible without the help, kindness and insight of fellow bloggers, devoted readers and supportive friends! I would like to invite everyone to please take a look at the great work of these amazing people! Please click on this link (below) to the new permanent page on my blog:

Links & Friends

I would also like to provide an opportunity for other bloggers to introduce themselves and advertise their sites for free on the comments section of the Links & Friends page (please do not comment to this post but to the page so that your advertisement remains on the blog as long as possible).


M.P. Baecker



7 thoughts on “Blogs I Love

  1. What an absolutely brilliant idea! And, as such, I intend to steal it and create a links and friends page of my own. I’m shameless like that. 😉

    I’m pretty sure I can speak for every person on that links page when I say that we, collectively, are overjoyed that you started sharing your work, and are even more so that those thoughts and emotions swirling around in your head continue to compel you. We are the blessed ones by that!

    Thank you for your great contributions. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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  2. MP first of all I’m sooooo happy for you and your success! Doing what you enjoy and helping to make a positive impact in the world through writing and art! Secondly, thank you for putting me on your list! I am honored. I am so glad you are here and doing what you are doing. Stay true to your heart and vision no matter which way the winds start to blow. Hugs!

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