It begins with a feeling, barely there. A song from a dream you can’t remember. It might just be the most beautiful song in the world, the way it strains your nerves with effort to recall. Once floating in waves of melody, bathed in golden light. Now adrift in fragments are the embers, unwilling to return, to fuse, to reunite. Though their smolder continues until there’s nothing left, just smoke and ashes. Smoke and ashes. A haunt of a scent that gets stronger, infusing the air sepia, as it sweetens in the growing chill.alightcirclewebsitefall7mpbaeckerA sacred incense wafts when the leaves ignite. They burn slowly. So slowly, their fires are held in stills, in millions of instants and glimpses, reiterated loosely above, all around. A perfect five-pointed spark on the tip of a match, held between two tender fingers. The only kind of flame that can withstand the rain. Yellow, orange, red, under grey clouds that linger longer in quickening days. Darkness begins to pull down, heavy at the edges of every dawn, noon and sunset, promising bitter cold ahead.alightcirclewebsitefall3mpbaeckeralightcirclewebsitefall4mpbaeckerFor now. For now, begins every thought about the season. For now, we soak up the last of the warmth. For now, we leave the coats hanging. For now, we savor the harvest. Our thoughts turn inward toward the passage of time. How it holds us so intensely within this chamber, limbed and veined. The rush of turbulent movement so tightly veiled, sheer turning to transparent light, until it drops, one by one at our feet.alightcirclewebsitefall1mpbaeckerText and images by M.P. Baecker.


10 thoughts on “For Now

    • Thanks so much! Autumn is my favorite time of year, it would be so great to make a real portal to it for everyone and myself to always revisit and enjoy! This is my somewhat playful and experimental attempt.


    • Thanks so much! Autumn is my favorite time of the year, I still can’t fully explain why, but it’s something I love to dwell on and try to capture! I am glad that I can share it here!

      I also wanted to mention that you have a beautiful blog yourself! My daughter absolutely LOVES horses! We took her once to a riding school for her birthday 2 years ago and she is still talking about it! If only we could fit a stall and a pony in our apartment!

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      • Thank you for the compliment. Young girls often love horses but you are right they don’t fit into apartments! Maybe there is somewhere she could take lessons? Germany has the top dressage riders and showjumpers and eventers of the world so there should be some good (and safe) instructors.

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        • Yes! There are some great riding schools and showjumpers here in Berlin, but they are a commute out of the city! But it’s not impossible! We are looking into possible schools for her now, if there are some courses that can bring her there once a week with other kids her age. Where there’s a will…

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