I have the pleasure to announce today that an essay I have written has been published by The Scene and Heard, an online journal that contains thoughtful reflections on life in the form of art, poetry and creative writing. This is the first time I have been published! I am so thrilled!

I must confess that I do not actually enjoy drawing attention to myself. This must seem incredibly ironic, seeing that I have this blog and I obviously submitted my work to be published! But honestly, I am not a person who likes to toot their own horn. I was taught to be humble—extremely humble and quiet, and somehow life continually reinforces this feeling in me all the time—that it is safer to be silent and keep myself hidden from the world.

Then why do I do this to myself? I ask myself that all the time! The only answer is: the story—it wants—it needs to come out. The stories that have grown with me, absorbing all my experiences, all my knowledge, they have fermented in the dark silence, now they are bubbling over, demanding to be savored and seen. I hope I will hone the skills to do them all justice and have the chance and honor to share them all with you!

In other words, the story must outweigh my tremendous fear and shyness! One of those stories is the one recently published, it is a story from my heart and I hope you will see why it means so much to me. Please click on the title to read it: The Wall.

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