Goodbye winter, hello spring? March comes in like a lion, but goes out like a lamb?

Slowly we linger.

The days, longer.

The sunlight, brighter.

A warmth to the air,

dirt and water

smells rising.

Hopeful we remain.

Could it be spring?

Text and photos © M.P. Baecker and 2017.

3 thoughts on “Winter Fades to Pink

    • Thanks! Yes, the last picture is cherry blossoms! All the pictures I took are recent but I sneakily put in that picture from springtime of last year because I was feeling so optimistic. Apparently, spring is coming sooner here in Berlin than in the US from what I heard about the blizzard!

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      • Yes in the Northwest area, but we’ve had 90 degree weather in Arizona. We’ve been in summer clothes. ☀️ And I did see cherry blossoms by the lake this weekend, no snow blizzard here. Your photo reminded me of them. Stay optimistic.


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