Natural Abstracts

My kids and I walked to the nearby pond a few days ago looking for ducks. Actually, the kids hopped, skipped, climbed, ran at full speed and cartwheeled to it, while I walked and occasionally prevented serious injuries as casually as I could. My daughter, so excited to share a few bread crumbs she reserved…Read more Natural Abstracts

Early Light

I was abruptly awakened before dawn by a screaming child. It was my four-year-old daughter, she was wide awake, and apparently, nothing was good about this morning. The high-pitched, repetitive wailing also woke up my other child, a two-year-old boy we still call “the baby”, who added his own piercing voice to the mix. It…Read more Early Light

Pictorial Study: Light Circles

As I wrote in my post, What is a Light Circle?, "A Light Circle" can mean many things: it can be a reflector, a halo, an eclipse, a lightweight round object like a ring or a locket, a ring of fire, the lens of a camera, a thin sketch of a sphere, an orbit and so much more. It's…Read more Pictorial Study: Light Circles

A Birth in the Winter

This is my first blog post!!! Yes, a new beginning in the dead of winter. The major holidays are over, there is no longer a festive buffer from the freezing cold. The once pristine snow has worn out its welcome, it is now a dirty, semi-frozen mess and once easy paths have become icy, muddy traps.…Read more A Birth in the Winter